Born and raised in Southern California, Diane has come to accept the sun as a power source and claims to be solar powered. Her fascination with light led her to pick up her first camera at age ten and to point it at any and all things.

Her formal education in photography took place at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. The streets of San Francisco allowed Diane to seek and shoot, appreciating the "found" aspect of photography that manifested itself into her fine art works. Her favorite subjects have always been people and their idiosyncrasies. Combined with a love for aesthetics + design, these elements led Diane to fashion photography.

After finishing her studies, she relocated to Australia where she spent her days driving on the wrong side of the road and appreciating nature's influence on her sense of space + colour. She has since relocated back to her hometown of Los Angeles and lives in the Highland Park neighbourhood.

Writing has always been a passion of hers, seen as a thoroughly enjoyable force of habit.

 After a 2 year stint brand managing + art directing at Hedley & Bennett, she's since 'gone rogue' and is currently freelancing + consulting, working with small brands who are in need of direction in the realms of brand strategy + marketing, creative direction, and social media.

Interested in partnering? Shoot her an email hello[@]dianelieu.com

Her current creative outlet is called "indigo papers" and is best viewed on desktop.