Social Media = Copy + Content

A great big beast.

With 5+ years experience navigating the digital highways of professional social media, I am well-versed in creating content that tells the story in a fresh and strategic way. With my background in photography and my experience working in small, dynamic marketing teams, I focus on creating and curating meaningful, connective media that highlights a brand's purpose and differentiates itself against competitors.


Short & sweet, or informative & lengthy...

Copy needs to entice, inform, showcase, share or inspire. Captions should capture the brand voice; exuding character and emitting that unique essence that feels genuine and personable.


Social Media is so much more than just content.

It's events, product showcases, brand story, and community-building. Photos need to communicate brand voice + identity while simultaneously piquing the interest of an inundated audience. By navigating the balance between marketing, brand identity, and design, I strive to create interesting memorable posts that carry a message.

In my 2 years at H&B, I grew our Instagram following by 30,800 followers organically, through thoughtful partnerships, giveaways, collaborations, and community based actions. Some partners include: Tenspeed Press, Chronicle Books, Misen Knife Co., Bon Appetit, The Feed Feed, The Hundreds, Williams Sonoma, Richer Poorer, La Colombe, Vice, Cherry Bombe, and more!