"Get In The Kitchen" Challenge // #GITK2018


The idea was simple - a January campaign to kick up activity after the holidays. Something that would both engage our community + drive traffic to the website. I was handed the "Get In The Kitchen" campaign when first hired on and had the pleasure of running the campaign for two years. It involved gathering notable influencers in the food space and having them host a week-long culinary challenge. Participants could follow along, making good on their new year's resolutions to eat better/cook more/get in the kitchen, period. I also worked with different brands and partners to create a massive prize pack to entice people to join in on the social media challenge, and to cross-promote to the widest audience possible. What resulted was over 422 entries from all around the world in 2018 and a prize pack with goodies from Williams Sonoma, Vitamix, Chronicle Books, Roy Choi, Richer Poorer and more!


Community Highlights + User Created Content // #APRONSQUAD

The goal here was to encourage + train our community to create beautiful, brand-aligned content. Restaurants and kitchens are notorious for bad lighting, a boring backdrop of stainless steel, and chefs were not exactly known for taking stellar photos of themselves, their aprons, or their food. Through positive reinforcement by re-posting quality content, sending out visual guidelines to our B2B community, and digital coaching I was able to lead our Apron Squad community to create beautiful content that showcased the values of our brand: hard work, a love of food, and a sense of teamwork.

You can peruse more than 17,000 pieces of community-created content on the #apronsquad hashtag.


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